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Complete IT Support

IT Support Made Simple

No complicated service tiers, no extra charges after hours or on weekends, and no long-term contracts. Just great 24/7 proactive management behind the scenes and reliable & cost effective complete IT support when you need it, both remote and in-person.

UniComm Solutions - Complete IT Support UniComm Solutions - Complete IT Support - User Support

Fast & Friendly Support

We love helping! Whether remote or in person, our techs get issues resolved quickly and correctly, getting your users back to work faster.

UniComm Solutions - Complete IT Support - Spam Filtering

Spam & Virus Filtering with Archiving & Continuity

Spam, phishing, ransomware… it never seems to end. Our Advanced Threat Protection not only filters out nearly all spam and malicious email, it also archives it, providing a secondary backup. Business continuity is included, allowing users to log in to continue sending and receiving email, even if your mail server is offline.

UniComm Solutions - Complete IT Support - Antivirus

Managed Antivirus

Our Managed Antivirus capabilities help your system proactively stay ahead of both known and emerging malware threats. It not only keeps your network’s security up-to-date with protection against the latest known threats via traditional signature-based protection, it protects against new viruses through sophisticated exploratory checks and behavioral scans of your system.

UniComm Solutions - Complete IT Support - Web Protection

Web Protection

Managed Web Protection guards against web-based threats which are growing more complex and increasing in number. Phishing sites, drive-by malware sites, or even adware on legitimate sites all look innocent enough—but a data breach may be only a click away. A successful attack may take only seconds, but the downtime it causes can be catastrophic, potentially affecting your business and damaging your reputation.

UniComm Solutions - Complete IT Support - Patch Mangement

Patch Mangement

Keeping businesses safe requires constant vigilance—all systems need to be kept up to date with the latest patches, otherwise you are open to serious security risks. Our Patch Management handles Windows updates as well as third party applications such as Adobe products, Java and Flash (common entry points for malware), browsers, and hundreds more applications.

UniComm Solutions - Complete IT Support - Risk Intelligence

Risk Intelligence

Data at rest is data at risk. Today, the cost of doing business involves transacting with and often storing sensitive employee and client data. At the same time, cyber attacks are rapidly growing in frequency and sophistication. Information like Social Security numbers and credit card or bank account information has value to hackers and poses a financial risk to the business that loses it. Until now, sensitive data was virtually impossible to find and secure, and that meant it was easily breached. Our Risk Intelligence platform allows us to quickly and easily find at-risk data in your network, discover how hackers will get to it, and then calculate the real-time risk of a data breach, assessing the financial liability. For the first time, cybersecurity is a sound business investment, not a vague IT expense.

UniComm Solutions - Complete IT Support - Systems Monitoring

Systems Monitoring

Our systems monitoring platform provides complete visibility to our engineers and lets us stay on top of everything in near real-time so we can address most issues before you are even aware there is one. Servers, workstations, and network equipment are monitored on our dashboard and we also get email and text message alerts in real time. We monitor performance, event logs, hardware status, security, and more and can quickly perform background maintenance often without interrupting a user. In fact, many remediation functions are automated when a known issue arises, ensuring the quickest fix possible. Windows, OS X, multiple versions of Linux, and mobile devices are supported.

UniComm Solutions - Complete IT Support - Backups & Disaster Recovery

Backups & Disaster Recovery

Data loss can cause serious financial hardships for a company, and system downtime can cripple productivity, preventing a business from providing good service to customers. That’s why it’s critical to be prepared with the right technology. We offer a hybrid cloud backup and disaster recovery feature, allowing for quick restore of data after a disaster. The backup and recovery feature uses strong encryption both in transit and at rest, so you can breathe easy knowing that data is kept safe.

UniComm Solutions - Complete IT Support - Office 365 Backups

Office 365 Backups

Office 365 relies on replication of data between datacenters, not actual backups. If data is lost, it is often not recoverable. Backup for Office 365 protects Exchange and OneDrive data. Exchange is backed up every four hours (with retention and recovery possible up to seven years) and OneDrive is backed up every six hours (with retention and recovery possible for up to six months).

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