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Enterprise WiFi

High-Performance Scalable WiFi

Amazing enterprise-class WiFi and network hardware at surprisingly affordable costs. No annual licensing fees, no manufacturer support contracts, and no onsite hardware controller. Just reliability, performance, and scalability with top performance/price value.

UniComm Solutions - Enterprise & Long-Range WiFi UniComm Solutions - Enterprise WiFi - Office, Retail, & Hospitality WiFi

Office, Retail, and Hospitality WiFi

Deliver wireless coverage, indoors or outdoors, for your guests and customers. Featuring the latest 802.11ac WiFi technology, weatherproof casings, Power over Ethernet, guest portal/hotspot capabilities, and more, our WiFi access points improve your guest experience with a very low total cost of ownership.

UniComm Solutions - Enterprise WiFi - Site-to-Site WiFi

Long-Range Site-to-Site WiFi Networks

No wiring between campus buildings? No problem. Offering low latency, noise immunity, scalability, and fast speeds, WiFi Bridges provide maximum performance in a small footprint at low cost. And wireless bridges are much more cost effective than burying a new fiber run between buildings.

UniComm Solutions - Enterprise WiFi - High & Extreme Density WiFi

High & Extreme Density WiFi

MU-MIMO (Multi-User, Multiple Input, Multiple Output) technology allows WiFi access points to communicate with multiple clients at the same time which increases speed and overall experience. High-density access points are great for event spaces, meeting rooms, ballrooms, theaters, and anywhere else large numbers of people gather.

Stadiums, concert calls, fairgrounds, parks, and other extreme density environments are easily addressed with 10Gb connections and fast WiFi for up to 1,500 clients per base station.

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